The Automotive Industry Of New Zealand 

The Automotive Industry of New Zealand | Auto Wreckers NZ

The automobile industry NZ & industry of auto wreckers Auckland, NZ continues to expand and also meet client demands with the growing development in technology. According to the Motor Industry Association,  new car registrations increased by 38.3 percent in 2021 compared to 2020, with a total figure of 165,287.

Overall in 2021 more than 4.4 million registered vehicles were on the roads of New Zealand. And this figure also keeps increasing.

Some Of The World’s Leading Automobile Brands | Automotive Industry NZ


Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese-based company established in 1937 by Sakichi Toyoda. At present, It is also the world’s largest carmaker. And it is one of New Zealand’s most popular car manufacturers. It’s automobiles dominate the market industry. They are known for their durability. And also offer high quality with a long-term value. 


Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, founded in 1870. It is a smaller Japanese automotive manufacturer as compared with Toyota and also Honda. It is surely popular for its SUVs and crossovers. Also, The company focuses on producing economical hybrids with standard and innovative features. 

Ford | World Class Automotive Industry NZ | Auto Wreckers Auckland, NZ

The American automobile Ford Motor Company is established by Henry Ford and incorporated in 1903. Ford holds its position in the top 5 largest automakers worldwide. And they are surely a well-known car manufacturer in New Zealand. The Company is known for its EcoBoost engines. These engines offer more power while lightweight and also fuel-efficient with lower emission levels. They are being known among the most reliable cars. Ford incorporates advanced technologies into its vehicle production and also process. 


Mazda Motor Corporation is based in Japan, founded in 1984. Famous for its rotary engine technology Mazda offers powerful sporty vehicles. They are fuel-efficient and lightweight vehicles. The Company is also popular for its reliability in the automotive industry with affordable prices. 


Ranked amongst the top reliable automakers with international industry awards. Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 in South Korea. It offer high safety features with excellent resale value and also high-quality engineering. 


Kia Motors Corporation is another South Korean car manufacturer marking back to 1944. With improvements over the years, the brand’s reliability has also increased. Kia cars is also popular for their affordability and also good quality. 

Top 10 car manufacturers in New Zealand ranked from the number of passenger car registrations during 2021.

  1. Mazda: 72127 units 
  2. Toyota: 17855 units
  3. Mitsubishi: 14564 units
  4. Kia:  10142 units
  5. Suzuki:  7798 units
  6. Hyundai: 6776 units
  7. Nissan: 4941 units
  8. Volkswagen: 4278 units 
  9. Honda: 3978 units
  10. MG: 3810 units
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