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Are you having a hard time looking for the best car wreckers?

Here at National Car Removal, we give you everything you need to guarantee you’re getting the best service;

  • We offer you top cash for your old vehicle
  • Regardless of type or condition, whether it be diesel or petrol, dead or alive
  • We will come to you for the removal and it will be absolutely free

Vehicle removal in Auckland and beyond, offering the best cash for your old car, all you need to do to get your free quote is to simply call us for free on 0800 88 44 55 or use our online email quoting system which is available 24/7.

We always conduct our business as professionally as we can. We will make sure that your vehicle removal in Auckland is hassle-free, and that you are always given the correct amount of cash – no excuses. Our trucks all have company signage so you know which company turns up to pick up your vehicle. National Car Parts truck drivers will always be friendly and in uniform. We will arrive in daylight to pick up the vehicle and you will be given a receipt as proof of the removal of your vehicle.

Scrapping your car in Auckland? Call us up today and find out how easy it will be going with National Car Removal & Car Parts for your Vehicle removal in Auckland.

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Car Wrecking In Auckland

National Car Removal & Car Parts head office is situated in East Tamaki Auckland. Not only we are known as the top car wreckers Auckland but we have many branches situated around North Island. We have 15 tow trucks around North Island and they all go through Northland, Hamilton and Coromandel regions daily. To find out more about our car wrecking locations and the best vehicle removal in Auckland click here.

Car Wrecking In New Zealand

car wreckers new zealandNational Car Wreckers decided to focus only on the North Island region in New Zealand, this way, by serving a more targeted area, we keep our costs low and ensure that we always offer the best vehicle removal in Auckland. If you stay in South Island and have an old vehicle for removal, click here and we will direct you to one of the best car wreckers in South Island. Alternatively, give us a call on 0800 88 44 55 and we will be able to advise you over the telephone.

Car Wrecking Process


Have you ever wondered what will happen to your vehicle after we pick it up?
It’s very simple.
When the vehicle arrives in the demolition yard, firstly all of the oil and petrol will be drained out to be recycled, then most of the usable spare parts will be shelved to be re-used. Finally, the car body will be squashed to be recycled. Our yard recycling team always makes sure that the vehicles are all recycled fully right down to the nuts and bolts. To read more about car wrecking yards.

European Car Wreckers

Do you have a European vehicle such as Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen or any other makes that you no longer want or need?

Here at National Car Wreckers, we buy any make, and any model in any condition. If you have any European vehicle for removal, simply call us for free on 0800 88 44 55 to get a quick quote or use our online quoting system on the right-hand side. Read more about European Car Wreckers here.

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Car Wreckers Service Locations:


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