What You Must Know About Personalised Plates NZ?

personalised plates NZ

Vanity plates, usually referred to as custom plates or personalised plates. These are a common technique for people to give their cars a distinctive look. Many car owners in New Zealand like to have personalised license plates. They want to be different and express themselves on the road. In this blog post, we will answer all these questions and more, so you can decide if personalised plates are right for you and what you should know about personalised plates NZ is as follows:

Everything You Need To Know About Personalised Plates NZ

Plate Formats: 

Three letters followed by three numbers (such as ABC123). Three numbers followed by three letters (such as 123ABC). One format is four letters and three numbers, like ABCD12. You can choose personalised plates in New Zealand from different formats. This format lets you create unique combinations that express your personality or hobby.

Availability And Cost: 

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) issues personalised plates NZ. Some combinations are not available or allowed because they have bad or rude content. The cost of personalised plates can vary depending on the combination and demand. More desirable or unique combinations may come at a higher price. You can customize your license plate with KiwiPlates. They offer over 50 unique designs and provide an estimated price.

Design Options: 

When it comes to designing personalised plates NZ, individuals have many options. They can choose font, background, and color for their plates. Some plates also let them add logos or symbols. This way, they can make plates that show their personal style.

Customization Restrictions:

The NZTA sets rules for personalised plates. They do this to avoid rude, vulgar, or deceptive messages on the plates. The NZTA can reject or recall plates that break these rules. Personalised plates have a lot of flexibility but have some limitations.


Personalised plates are a popular way to express your personality, style, or message on your vehicle. They can also make your car more memorable and unique, especially if you have a common model or color. In NZ, personalised plates are generally transferable between vehicles. 

You can keep your personalised plates when you sell your car, as long as your new car meets the standards for them. You need to follow some rules and steps to transfer the plates, so check with the NZTA for all the details.

Auctions And Resale: 

Auctions or private sales sell some personalised plates NZ that people want. These plates may have unique combinations or hold sentimental value for collectors. The prices of such plates can vary depending on their desirability and rarity. 

To buy or sell personalised plates, you should check the latest auction results or talk to plate experts. They can help you know how much the plates are worth.

Legal Requirements: 

It’s important to note that while personalised plates allow for customization, they must still follow NZ road laws. The plates should be visible, legible, and not obstructed by any accessories or modifications. Failure to follow these requirements may result in fines or penalties.

Personalised Plates And Insurance: 

When it comes to insurance, personalised plates don’t have a direct impact on the cost or coverage. You should tell your insurance company about your personalised plates. They might need to add them to your policy documents. You also need to keep your plates clear and readable. This is important to follow the law.


If you want to show your individuality and make your vehicle different from others, you can get personalised plates NZ. You can choose from different plate formats, designs, and customizations. This will make a unique combination that matches your personality or interest. But you also need to follow the NZTA’s guidelines and restrictions. You should make sure your personalised plate is suitable and legal. Personalised plates NZ are a fun way to give your vehicle a personal touch and stand out on the road while following the rules.

When selling your vehicle to car wreckers, it’s crucial to remove any personalised plates. While it may seem like a simple matter to either keep or transfer them to another person, it’s worth noting that this step is essential. Additionally, it’s important to notify your insurance company of the removal and update your policy with the new information. By doing so, you can ensure that you won’t be held responsible for any incidents that may occur involving the vehicle after it’s been sold.