What Happens to your damaged vehicle/Deregistering a vehicle when sold to a Wrecker’s Company?

If you were curious about what happens to your wrecked, dead or scrap car/van/truck when you have sold it to a wrecker company keep reading to find out.
Wrecker companies buy damaged or even broken cars that are no longer going for parts. A damaged car once purchased from a seller is then towed away by the company to their wrecking yard. It is then queued up for dismantling and wrecking.

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The parts from the vehicle once dismantled are then place in our stock areas. Where they are accessible to provide any customers who are looking out for certain part. For different makes and models of cars. These parts sold at a very reasonable price.
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Any part of the vehicle that is not worth salvaging is then shipped out to a metal scraper for disposal. Check out our scrap car removal for more details.

Cancelling your registration

Most vehicles are normally deregistered before they are sold to a Car Wreckers. In case that a vehicle is not de-registered and it is going to be dismantled. It would be in the owners best interest to get this done before they have the vehicle picked by wreckers. You will also need to hand the numbers plates into an NZTA agent (vehicle testing station or AA center), and complete a form called “Application to Deregister a Motor Vehicle” (MR15).


Authorities will always make an assumption. That a car on their database is yet driven and registration fees apply unless notified. Registration can be officially placed on “hold” when a car is in storage or under long-term repair. This means the owner only pays registration for the period the car is used on the road.  So, if you hand over the plates you run the risk of having to pay any outstanding registration fees.
 We do know some owners simply remove the plates and scrap the car for cash, end of story. The car will however always remain in the “system” as an unregistered vehicle. Whether this creates any problems further down the track who knows. Certainly, the plates could never be used again. If they were hanging in the garage for example and subsequently stolen and reused then it could create major problems for the official owner of the plates. The fact the car is unwarranted is irrelevant.  When a car is given over for scrap, vehicle details will be logged which is a police requirement only.
This would officially remove the vehicle from the NZTA (NZ Transport Agency) database. If the registration was current at the time the plates were handed in, a refund of the unused period would be posted to the registered owner.  If the vehicle is de-registered you still need to hand over the plates. However, you may be asked to pay any outstanding fees dating back to when the car was registered last or at least one full year’s registration.

Want to sell your old scrap car for cash?

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