Selling A Car NZ – Everything You Must Know

selling a car NZ

Selling a car NZ or selling other vehicle in New Zealand may seem simple, but there are a few things to consider. The policies and guidelines of the NZ Transport Agency must be followed. You should also assess your car’s condition and make any required repairs to increase its value. Next, decide on the best-selling approach, such as working with a dealership or a wrecker. After that, you can start the selling process itself. Here, we’ll lay out in plain English the steps involved in selling a car NZ

Tips To Improve Your Chances

Prepare your car for the sale before you put it up for sale. The likelihood of receiving a higher and fairer price will rise as a result.

Enhance Your Car’s Appearance

The saying, “first impressions matter” is surely something you’ve heard before, and it also applies to cars. When selling your car, you’re more likely to get good bids if it looks beautiful and clean. However, it’s crucial to exercise moderation. Just make sure your vehicle is as spotless as perfect as it can be. The rest will be taken care of.

Mechanical Repairs

It can be very expensive to have mechanics fix your car! Sometimes the costs are so enormous that owners would rather sell their cars than fix them.

However, there are some circumstances where it makes sense to think about repairs. It can be worthwhile to spend some money on repairs if your automobile is relatively new, is insured, or is a rare and valuable car. You can get nice offers once your automobile is fixed. There is no harm in trying it out if the proceeds from selling the automobile once it has been repaired would be sufficient to pay for the repairs and even turn a profit.

Explore Multiple Options

It’s crucial to carefully weigh all of your options and their benefits and drawbacks before selecting a choice. It’s not a good idea to take the first automobile deal you are given. The original offer is frequently not the best one. Spend the time investigating alternative options including dealerships, auction houses, and wreckers. Continue looking until you locate the perfect deal that meets your requirements and preferences.

Selling A Car NZ: Legal Procedures

Here is a complete guide on how to sell a car without encountering any legal issues. By following this procedure, you can ensure a smooth and trouble-free selling process.

Pay Any Outstanding Licensing Fee

It is important to settle any outstanding vehicle licensing fees before selling your car to someone else. By doing this, the buyer can drive the newly purchased vehicle without any difficulties or issues.

Updating The Road User Charges (RUC)

This step is optional because Road User Charges (RUC) do not apply to all vehicle owners. The government only imposes RUC on individuals driving light diesel vehicles or heavy vehicles. If you are not selling a truck or a big rig, you can skip this step.

Ensure You Have A Warrant Of Fitness (WoF)

To lawfully operate a vehicle on New Zealand’s roads, you must possess a valid Warrant of Fitness (WoF) or Certificate of Fitness (CoF). The NZ Transport Agency states that a vehicle’s WoF or CoF should have at least a month left on it if you intend to sell it.

It is crucial to let the buyer know if your vehicle’s WoF or CoF has expired. There is no harm in buying or selling the car if they do not intend to drive it on the road. An illegal car may still be sold, but you will be liable for any unpaid fines that must be settled before the transaction can continue.


It’s essential to evaluate the condition of your car before offering it to a buyer. This will affect both the buyer’s choice and the price you can acquire for your car. It’s also crucial to abide by the rules established by the NZ Transport Agency.