Do you have a flood damaged vehicle?

damaged vehicle

Depending on the severity of water damage, it can affect different aspects of the car’s drivability, safety, worth and remaining life length. More often than not, flood and water damaged vehicle are not repairable and, when possible, can cause many lingering problems. Read ahead to find out if your flood-damaged car is worth salvaging.

Short Term Effects – Damaged Vehicle

As any car owner would come to learn, the calm after the storm leaves an inundated amount of clean up and a soaked vehicle that you’re unsure where to start with. It is important to ensure you turn on your vehicle once you thoroughly check the car parts, especially the electrical and mechanical components. This will allow you to understand the severity of water damage to your car and the safety precautions needed for any chance of repair. 

Water can instantly ruin electronics, car lubricants, and mechanical systems and corrode other parts of the car over time. As your carpets and interior furnishing begin to dry, a strong unpleasant stench will develop as it continues to dry. The likelihood of repairing your vehicle fully is low as each component’s costs accumulate, resulting in never-ending expenses that cost more than the vehicle’s worth.

Never-Ending Costs

Repairing a flood or water-damaged vehicle can cost more than it’s worth. The water penetrates through every crevice in the car that could cause strange noises and smells from the engine, transmission, chassis and other electrical components. Each of these costs a hefty price to get fixed, repaired or replaced. 

Just as you think you have one fixed, another will show signs of damage, and costs keep increasing. Sometimes, water damage may be hard to detect initially and easy to ignore, but there is always damage, and the long-term effects of water damage will haunt you for the remaining life of the car.

Long-Term Worth

Sometimes it may take weeks, months or even years, but corrosion will find its way to the car’s vital electronics and deteriorate the vehicle’s condition and worth. When a car goes through extreme conditions such as flooding and water damage, it becomes faulty and unwanted by car buyers.

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