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Do you have a scrap car, 4×4 or truck that you want to dispose of? We can help you get the best cash offer and also provide a hassle-free removal service at no cost.

Sell your damaged car. We'll buy any car, any time!

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If you have an old, unwanted vehicle sitting in your driveway and you want to get rid of it easily, there’s a great option for you. National Car Parts is a Car Removal North Shore that can help. No matter what condition they’re in, we can pick up all kinds of cars. This includes vans, SUVs, pickup trucks, and even machinery. So, don’t worry if your vehicle is not in the best shape – we’ll still take care of it for you.

How The Mechanism Works?

Our procedure for Scrap Car Removal consists of just three easy steps.

Contact Us

To initiate the Quick Car Removal process, simply give us a call. By reaching out to us via phone, you can start the process of getting rid of your unwanted vehicle. 

Get Free Quotes 

You don’t have to worry about waiting for a long time to get a quote either. We provide free quotes on the same day for Junk Car Removal

Instant Car Removal

We offer a convenient Best Car Removal service where we will remove your unwanted car, truck, or van for free. Not only that, but they will also pay you a fair amount of cash for it.  

When we come to pick up your vehicle, they will pay you in cash right away. The whole Car Removal North Shore process takes only a few minutes, and once they’re done, your driveway or yard will be free from unwanted vehicles that make your property look untidy. 

Why Choose Us For Car Removal?

At National Car Parts, we are Car Removal North Shore and help you get rid of your old car in an eco-friendly way. Many people don’t realize that even scrapped cars still hold some value.

  • Our team is friendly and provides excellent customer service. They will assist you in removing unwanted vehicles with minimal effort on your part. 
  • Our office staff will provide you with a quote over the phone and make arrangements for payment and collection.
  • We offer a free quote over the phone for all types of vehicles, whether they’re still running or not. 
  • When we come to collect your car, we’ll pay you a fair value in cash right on the spot.

Give us a call at 0800 88 44 55 today and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your unwanted vehicle. You can get rid of it right away! We promise that you’ll be happy with both the payment you receive and the removal process.

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